Yogurt starter culture

For about 10L of plant milk

Recommended for good quality store-bought soy milk or home made soy milk or almond milk. For unsweetened milk, adding 1 Tablespoon of dextrose per litre is recommended.

Cook the milk and cool down prior to make.

Other plant milks can also be used but it may not give a good texture. In that case, adding 1/4 tsp agar powder dissolved in hot water will help to achieve the firmer texture.

Directions: 1/8 tsp (measuring spoon comes with the culture) of yogurt cultures for 1 litre milk. Culture for 8 hours between 38ºC and 42ºC.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, L. bulgaricus and St. thermophilus.

Keep refrigerated. Use by date, 3 months.

EUR 4,90
Tax incl.


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