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In 2019 we will host many workshops in Germany.

You can choose to receive the voucher digitally (default) or per post. To add a message to the receiver, write it in the "Message" field during checkout .

This voucher can be used to make the reservation for the event. If you choose to buy a starter kit, it will be given on the day of the event.

There will be multiple dates throughout the year in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Munich and Leipzig. For Hannover or Hamburg, please see below.

The voucher can be used for any date on that city or even on other cities in Germany. The dates will be announced until January 2019.

All workshops are in German, except some events in Berlin which are in English.

For workshops in Hamburg, visit:

For workshops in Hannover, visit:

About the workshop:

The workshop is going to show you the basics of real vegan cheese making, how to use the cultures and how to curdle plant-based milk for making cheese. Workshop includes cheese tasting.

Duration: 2 hours Language: English or German

About the host: Born in Brazil but living in Berlin, Germany. Anderson Santos decided to learn how to make vegan cheese by looking at traditional cheese making methods. After successfully making the first few cheeses, Anderson created Cashewbert, an online shop to sell vegan cheesemaking ingredients and to give workshops.

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