Ferment it to Wow

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Our Wowgurt culture is made to impress. With exclusive selected vegan cultures and enzymes, this Wowgurt starter cultures allow great flavour development.
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It has a more proteolic activity, which means, it breaks down proteins into new flavours, but it is not recommended to be used for cheeses.

It works best with cashews, but it can be used with almonds and other nuts and beans too.

Instructions for a basic Wowgurt:


250g cashews (blanched with hot water and drained)

375g water

1/8 to 1/4 tsp Wowgurt Starter (more for a better taste)

Instructions: Blend the cashews and water into a fine paste. Pour into a sterilised container, cover and let it ferment for 12 hours at a temperature between 22ºC and 39ºC. The higher the temperature, the more acidity it will be.

Refrigerate it for another 12 hours for flavour development.

How to use your Wowgurt:

Even if you could use Wowgurt as yogurt, what is special about the Wowgurt is its flavour. That means, you can add it with fruits and some extra water to a blender make a drink, mix it with vegan butter, sugar and plant-milk to make a custard or blend with grilled aubergine, garlic, olive oil and salt into a savoury paté.

Measuring: 1/8 tsp of cultures is enough for 250g cashews. One package is enough for about 2,5kg cashews.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Streptococcus thermophilus, L. Cremoris, L. Lactis, Enzymes.

Keep frozen. Use-by date: 1 year