Vegan Cheese Starter Kit

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Make up to 60 vegan cheese alternatives like camembert and blue cheese
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This kit contains:

2 cheese mats

2 cheese cloths

2 forms camembert (without press lid)

2 forms for blue cheese or fresh cheese

25 sheets camembert paper

40 sheets ripening wrap

1 tube penicillium candidum (liquid)

1 tube penicillium roqueforti (liquid)

2 tubes mesophilic starter cultures (powder)

1 Vzyme 90g

1 shopping bag with Cashewbert logo

The cultures will be shipped in a brown envelop paper, please put the in the fridge, as soon as they arrive.

Make up to 30 Camemberts and 30 Blue cheeses at home with this kits. Needs about 6-10 kg Cashews.

Keep cultures refrigerated (liquid) and frozen (powder). Use-by date, 3 months.

For recipes, check out our videos.