1. Cheese Making

1.1. What is the expiry of the cheese alternatives and the cheese cultures?

Cheese alternatives: 7 to 10 days, (check label) when kept refrigerated.

Liquid Cultures: 3 months when kept refrigerated.

Powdered Cultures: 1 year when kept in the freezer. Refrigerated about 3 months.

1.2. What should I do if my cheese doesn't work?

The first thing to do is check the temperature and humidity. Dry the cheese with a paper towel whenever you notice that the rind is moist. It may be that the cultures is expired or that the cheese has been contaminated during the process. You can also get in touch with our specialists via e-mail: [email protected]

1.3. What is bacteria culture? How do they work?

Bacterial culture is the directed and controlled growth of bacterial colonies. Liquid and powder cultures work in a different and more complex way. Liquid culture has a standard flavor and acts faster. The powdered culture has a more complex taste and reacts more slowly. Both should be used in the same way: ⅛ teaspoon.

1.4. What is the difference between the Kits?

Cashewbert Starter Kit- with this kit you can do the Camembert, Fresh and Blue Cheese. The cultures in this kit are liquid and therefore easier to work with.

Camembert Kit- this is a kit for doing Camembert Cheese only. It contains 6 cheese wooden boxes. 

Fresh Cheese Kit- this is a kit for doing Fresh Cheese only.

Tofu Kit- this is a kit for doing Tofu only.

1.5. What other ingredients are needed to produce the vegan cheese?

The ingredients for most recipes are cashew nuts and coconut milk. Other nuts or seeds can be used with slightly different results. For further details please check products individually.

1.6.  How should I store the bacteria cultures?

Some cultures are kept in the refrigerator (liquid) and others in the freezer (powder). Check the package for further information.

1.7. My bacteria died before expected, how to proceed?

If the cultures stay in a warm environment for too long, it can destroy the spores or the bacteria itself. At first they will be weakened and you can use twice as many Bacteria Culture as recommended, but if no fungus grows within a few days, it is necessary to acquire new cultures.

1.8. What is possible to make with Vzyme only?

The Vzyme (without the bacteria) can be used to make the cream cheese out of cashew or almond but you have to leave in the fridge for 12 hours to get the proper consistency. Also known as Transglutaminase it can be used as a binding agent to improve the texture of protein-rich foods.

1.9. Is it also possible to make without Geotrichum candidum-powder?

This ingredient is responsible for the taste and helps the Camembert grow faster but you can also do the cheese without the Geotrichum Candidum.

1.10. Do I need to add vegetal milk to the cheese?

We use the cashew mixed with water to do a cream which is the base for the cheese, therefore you do not have to add any vegetable milk to it. But to decide on that think about the balance between fat, protein and sugars. If you want a Camembert with a stronger flavor, adding protein will help to achieve this, therefore replacing some water with soy milk will help with that.

1.11. What is the difference between the workshop and the recipes in the book and videos?

In the workshop you would be doing a similar recipe to the ones we have in the book but the big differential of the workshop are the details in the cheese making process. For instance, some tips on how to improve it, some technical details and the opportunity to ask questions directly to a specialist.

2. Orders

2.1. Where do you deliver to? Do you deliver cheese?

We do not deliver our cheese, you can order them online and pick up at our shop or buy them there. We deliver all the other products to Europe, UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia. If you are outside this area we can send you our tools but no bacteria culture, for further information, write us: [email protected]

2.2. Do you have a shop?

Our Products can be bought at Dr. Pogo Vegan Laden Kollektiv and all three Veganz shop in Berlin.

2.3. What can I buy in your shop?

At the moment you can buy all Cashewbert products online.

2.4. How do I place and order?

We are an online shop so all our products (including workshops) can be bought online. 

2.5. How to proceed when I can't pay?

Sometimes this can be caused by the browser you are using. Please try to change it and see if it works better. The payments made via Bank Transfer tend to take a bit longer to be processed.

2.6. How do I buy a Voucher or Gift Coupon?

We have 3 types of Voucher:

25€ Voucher

50€ Voucher

65€ Workshop Voucher

They can be acquired via email: [email protected]

2.7. The product I want is sold out, what should I do?

We try to keep our website updated with our current available products and kindly request you to check it again within the next days.

2.8. When will my order be delivered?

When we send you a package you will receive an email with the tracking number of the delivery company. Using it you can track your package and know when to expect it. In case we need to delay the delivery for any reason we will notify you via email.

2.9. Will the bacteria go bad during the shipping period?

No, the bacteria can survive it, but make sure you store them properly as soon as you get them.