Terms of Service

Company information:

Kojiterie UG

Edisonstraße 29

12459 Berlin

USt-IdNr (VAT): DE312553470



Anderson Santos Silva


General Terms and Conditions

1. Jurisdiction

The following AGB serve as guidelines for all orders placed in our online-shop by consumers and companies.

A consumer is any natural person, which performs transactions that can primarily not be linked with commercial or self-employment purposes. A company is a natural or legal person or business partnership, which performs transactions according to its professional commercial or self-employment activities.

For companies these AGB also apply to any future business relationships without having to point them out again. If the company uses opposing or completing terms and conditions, than their validity is herewith contradicted; they only become part of the agreement upon our express consent.

2. Contracting Party, Conclusion of Contract

The purchase agreement exists with Kojiterie UG.

The employment of our products in the online shop is connected with a conclusion of contract regarding these articles. You may first place our products into your non-binding shopping cart, and you may correct your submissions prior to at any time prior to your binding purchase through the correction helps provided for in the order process. The agreement is made when you approve the current offerings of goods present in your shopping cart by clicking the order button. After placing your order you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail.

A binding agreement can also take place in the following manners:

  • By choosing the credit card payment option, the agreement is made at the time of the credit card charge.
  • By choosing the PayPal option, the agreement is made at the time of your confirmation of the PayPal payment option.

The languages available for conlusion of contract are German and English.

We do not save the agreement text.

3. Delivery Conditions

Delivery costs are added onto the indicated product pricing. You can find more details about delivery costs in the individual offers.

We only deliver through mail-order. Picking up your goods in person is unfortunately not possible.

We do not deliver to packing stations.

4. Payment

The following payment options are available to you in our shop:


When choosing the pre-payment method we will inform you of our bank account details in the order confirmation, and will ship your products upon receipt of payment.

Credit Card

Credit card charges occur upon completion of your order.

The credit card charges of the website take place through:

Stripe, Inc.
510 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA


You can pay your invoice amount through the online service provider PayPal. In order to do this you must register and confirm your login data and payment method with PayPal. Further information is provided during the ordering process.


5. Cancellation Right

Consumers have a cancellation right as described in the cancellation instructions. Companies are not afforded cancellation rights.

Cancellation Instructions

Consumers have 14 days to use their cancellation right.

Cancellation Right

You have the right to cancel this agreement without cause within 14 days.

The cancellation deadline is 14 days from the day that you, or a named third party other than the carrier, have taken the product into your possession.

To enforce your cancellation right you must inform us (Kojiterie UG, Edisonstr. 29a, 12459 Berlin, Germany) in a clear statement (f.e. by mailed letter, telefax, or e-mail) about your decision to cancel this agreement. You may use the cancellation template included here, but this is not required.

To honor the cancellation deadline, it is simply required that you inform us of your intent to cancel prior to the end of the deadline.

Consequences of Cancellation

When cancelling this agreement, we are required to refund your entire payment, including shipping costs (excluding costs incurred when choosing a delivery method other than our affordable standard delivery), without delay and within 14 days of the day in which your cancellation was received. This refund is performed with the same payment method that you chose for your original transaction, unless you agreed upon something else with us; in no case will you be fined due to your refund. We may refuse to refund you until the returned product has been received, or upon your furnishing of evidence, that the product has been shipped back, depending on which occurs first.

The products must be returned promptly and within 14 days of the day that you sent in your cancellation notice. The deadline is met, if the products are sent prior to the expiration of the 14 days. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. You must only reimburse for any loss in product value, if this loss in value can be ascribed to your poor handling of the products, and is not related to the composition, characteristics, or function of the product. 

  • The following agreements do not have a cancellation policy: 
  • Agreements for the delivery of sealed products, that are not suited for return if opened, due to health o hygienic reasons.

Cancellation Template

(If you wish to cancel your agreement, please fill out the following template and return it to us.)

– To Kojiterie UG, Edisonstr. 29a, 12459 Berlin, [email protected]

– Herewith I/we (*) cancel the agreement made by me/us (*) pertaining to the purchase of the following goods/ services (*)

– Ordered on (*)/ received on (*)

– Name of the consumer(s)

– Address of the consumer(s)

– Signature of the consumer(s) (only for written cancellation)

– Date

(*) Delete what is not required.



6. Reservation of Ownership

We retain ownership of the product until complete payment.

For companies the following applies: We retain ownership of the product until full payment of all claims from a current business relationship has been made.

You may in advertise your reserved goods during business operations; all accounts that occur from resale – independent of any connection or mixing with new substances – will be noted on the bill in advance, and the resale will be accepted. You will retain the authority to collect accounts, but we are also allowed to collect from these accounts ourselves, as long as you agree to hold to your payment obligation.

7. Shipping Damages

If products are delivered with obvious shipping damages, then please claim the mistake as soon as possible with the delivery agent and contact us immediately. Making a complaint or establishing contact has no bearing on your legal rights and their enforcement, specifically including your warranty. However, this will help us to prove our claims against the delivery agent or its insurance.

8. Warranty and Guarantees

The statutory warranty rights are to be kept. Information about occasional additional guaranties and their obligations can be found with on the corresponding web page for each product.

9. Final Provisions

If you are a company, then German laws apply with the exclusion of UN-Sales.

If you are a merchant according to the commercial code, or a legal entity under public law or public special property law, then the exclusive jurisdiction for all contract disputes between us is our place of business.