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The Cashewbert Guide to Vegan Cheesemaking cover

Our new Cashewbert Cheesemaking guide has brand new recipes and techniques, for only €2,50 and with the purchase you support our work. The eBook PDF can be purchased by clicking below.




This guide is already included in our Vegan Cheese Starter Kit, so you don't need to buy it if ordering the kit.

For Kindle Book (US, UK, DE(English), DE(Deutsch)) here.

You can also order a printed version of this guide here (European countries only).


Free Video recipes:

Equipment and Cultures Cashew Yogurt, Cream cheese, Cascotta (Cashew ricotta style), CashewbertBluebert.


More free videos are coming soon.


We also have a brand new upcoming book! (Pre-order only for Europe)

The Science and Practice of Vegan Cheese

Our upcoming book The Science and Practice of Vegan Cheese is going to be released this summer and can be pre-ordered here.