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Recipes that come with the Vegan Cheese Starter Kit:

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Our Guide to vegan cheese

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Now you can download our guides in PDF with information on vegan cheese making. The English version is available and soon we will also have in French. More languages will also come.

(The printed version in only available in German directly with us)

Learn how to make fermented vegan cheeses like camembert and blue cheese using traditional methods and plant-based ingredients only.

In this book you will learn how you can make and age your cheeses for weeks or months in order to get the best flavours and textures.

Free version (English), recipes only: 

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Complete version (English), with step-by-step photos and extra tips:

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Free version (German), recipes only:

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Complete version (German), mit Schritt-für-Schritt und extra Tipps:

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Guía de Quesos Veganos / Gratis (Spanish)

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Guía de Quesos Veganos (Spanish) - Completo

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Una guida al formaggio vegan (Italian)

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Guide du fromage végan (French)

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