Thermophilic Cheese Starter for fresh and aged cheese

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A flavour-building starter with a mild acidity, can be used for any fresh or aged cheese and can also be used for products like cultured butter or a mild yoghurt.

(Optional) To create more sour, after inoculating with the cultures, keep at temperatures between 35ºC and 40ºC for 1 to 4 hours.

Then, Cheese can be cultured for few hours in temperatures between 25ºC and 32ºC for a mild acidity, and further between 35ºC and 40ºC for a higher acidity.

The difference between Mesophilic cultures and this cheese starter, is that Mesophilic can be fermented at lower temperatures and will create less sour than this cheese starter.

Measure: 1/16 teaspoon for up to 300g of raw nuts and beans.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, St. thermophuilus,
Lb. Helveticus

Keep refrigerated. Use-by date, 3 months.

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