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Online event. English language on 28. August, 11h CEST and 1st of September 19h CEST. German on 4th September, 11h CEST. More dates coming soon!
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For Hamburg, we have dates available at the Kurkuma Kochschule's Website:

The workshops are in German or in English, check the date of the event.
About the workshop:

The workshop is going to show you the basics of real vegan cheese making, how to use the cultures and how to curdle plant-based milk for making cheese.

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English or German


In 2021 there will only be online events via Zoom.



28. August, 11h CEST (Berlin time)

1st September, 19h CEST (Berlin time)



4th September, 11h CEST (Berlin time)


More dates coming soon!

About the host:
Born in Brazil but living in Berlin, Germany. Anderson Santos decided to learn how to make vegan cheese by looking at traditional cheese making methods. After successfully making the first few cheeses, Anderson created Cashewbert, an online shop to sell vegan cheesemaking ingredients and to give workshops.

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