Have you ever: When making Cashewbert often, you forget one bert behind that box in the fridge, the new cashewbert is ready, you start eating it, then comes the newer one and, one day, you clean up the fridge and there sits a "two weeks too old" cashewbert that is a bit too strong to your taste but looks absolutely fine to be eaten?

That's the perfect moment to mix in few ingredients to tone down that flavour and make a dip that goes perfectly well with Pretzel and German Beer.

Obatzter is a very simple south German recipe that mix cream cheese and onions to camembert, in order to make a delicious dip.


obatzter ingredients with cashewbert and wowgurt


150g Cashewbert
150g Wowgurt or vegan cream cheese
30g vegan butter
20g onions or shallots
1 Tbsp Beer of your choice
Sweet paprika and salt to taste
Radish to decorate

obatzter preparation


Chop the onions finely. Mash the cashewbert. 

Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix well with a fork. Season with paprika powder and salt to taste.

To make a more traditional one, make sure to add caraway seeds, sliced radish and chopped spring onions to it, but it's not required.

You can cut on the butter if you want a lower fat version of it.

If you don’t have any Cashewbert at hand but still want to try, a recommendation I got was to use Tempeh instead.

Keeps refrigerated for 1 week.

obatzter with pretzels and vegan camembert

You forgot caraway (Kümmel). It is definitely a must with "Obadzda"!
Regina - 06 Nov 2020 - 14:36
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