Better homemade vegan cheese

At Cashewbert we take vegan cheese seriously!

We don’t want to make a nut purée hardened with vegetable gums or coconut oil.

By considering the science behind curdling, pressing and aging cheeses, we developed unique techniques not found anywhere else that guarantee a vegan cheese that will age, develop texture, flavours and character. Our recipes are not what 99% of the vegan cheese recipes out there are, we don’t want flavours from nutritional yeast, texture of agar or xantham gums, and other tricks that gives an less than ideal cheese.

Because we are not only copying and pasting recipes, we keep an intensive research, understanding the science behind the fermentation, we can support you with much more than anything out there.

Learn how to make a cashew camembert that will melt as it ages, a grilled cheese that will be packed with umami and a blue cheese that will be creamy and taste heavenly after few months.

Our recipes are simple to follow, closely related to the original cheese recipes, but adapted for vegan ingredients with a homemade set up.

See our Cashewbert and Cascotta recipes video below for a friendly introduction to vegan cheese making.

It’s simple but much better than any store bought product, because you can age it to perfection and tweak to your preferences as it goes.

To get started, check out our First Vegan Cheese Kit to make a cashew camembert in easy steps with all ingredients included or if you want to make more cheeses, our Vegan Cheese Starter Kit contains all tools and cultures for fresh cheeses, camembert and blue cheese.


Anderson Santos
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