My first vegan cheese kit

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A starter kit with easy steps to make cashew camembert cheese at home
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This kit contains all tools and ingredients* to create your own vegan cheese in 14 days.

The process is simple. All you need cashews, water, salt and a blender.
Add the cultures, mix them all, form the cheese and care for it in the refrigerator until the white mould has grown.

In about 14 days you have a delicious and creamy vegan cheese.

For a video on how to make, visit

This kit contains:

  • 3 bertchen cheese forms
  • 2 cheese mats
  • 4 ripening wraps
  • Required cultures to make 3 small cheeses, which equals to one recipe

The option with cashews contain:

  • 150g of cashews, enough to make three small cheeses

*Cashews and salt is required and not included, you can order the cashews together with the kit