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Koji - Moromi

Koji is a fermented rice that is usually used to make miso paste, soy sauce and sake. It has enzymes that break down starches, protein and fats and by that, develops flavors.

To make those enzymes easily available for vegan cheese making, koji is mixed with filtered water and salt then pureed. It can be used right away or you can leave it to ferment in a refrigerator for two or three days before adding to your cheese to increase its effectiveness.

In Japanese, the pureed Koji is called Moromi and is the base for many fermented products, like Sake and Tofuyo, a fermented type of tofu.

Koji soaking with filtered water and salt

To make moromi you need:

150g Dried Koji

150ml filtered warm water (around 40°C)

1tsp salt


In a sterilized canning glass or another airtight container, mix all the ingredients and let it soak for 15 to 60 minutes.

With a stick blender, puree the koji until smooth.

Keep it in a refrigerator, between 5°C and 14°C for up to two weeks.

Use about 2 Tbsp of moromi for every 200g of nuts used for the cheese or for 1 liter of yogurt.


Moromi, or pureed koji

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